Humans of Corner Kitchen – Ryan Howard (April 2023)

The hair, the smile, the overall great dude you see running around during brunch is assistant general manager, Ryan Howard. Ryan is the epitome of Corner Kitchen’s culture – friendly, unique and a bit quirky! We asked Ryan a few fun questions. Enjoy!

How long have you worked for Corner Kitchen and what’s your role?

It will be one year with Corner Kitchen on April 3rd. I am the assistant general manager for the Front of House.

What is your favorite meal you’ve had at Corner Kitchen?

Chef Shawn made Shakshuka as a lunch special my second month in, and I still think about it (especially when I look deep into his eyes). Steak tips, grits, eggs, and a succulent sauce served with butter naan. I beg him constantly to bring it back.

What lessons have you learned while working in restaurants?

Keep the bathrooms stocked with air fresheners. Every guest experience is unique in the way they communicate, how much attention they need, and their food knowledge. So, some guests are fluent enough to know what they will like, while others tell you what flavors they like and knowing what best to serve them is how you’re going to make the big $$$.

If you could make the ultimate sandwich, what would you put on it?

2 ft french baguette, cut open, mayo and mustard on each side, swiss cheese, homemade pickles thinly sliced, ham, roast beef, smoked pork, put on a panini press, and cut into 1 inch pieces after fully cooked.

What is one of your passions outside of work?

(Gaslighting my better half.) I am passionate about Economic History, which is the study of how economies and economic outcomes have changed over history and how economic institutions have developed. Topics include the emergence of markets, the forces shaping the industrial revolution, the sources of improvements in agricultural productivity, and new transportation technologies like the influence of railroads. I like trains.

Where in town would you recommend to folks visiting?

The RetroCade, as the name implies, is a retro arcade almost exactly out of a 90s movie. They offer some food and a wide range of beer and wine. It’s a great spot to get absolutely hammered with friends while playing Pac-man.

Do you have a favorite food/drink related tv show, book, or movie?

No. However I do like playing drinking games with movies. For example, when my partner and I watch The Menu, we take a shot of Saké every time someone says “chef.”

If you could travel anywhere in the world for a food experience, where would you go and what would you want to try?

Street food stalls in the cities of Japan have food unique to their region. Seen as “souvenirs” of their respective region, I would want to visit a handful of cities throughout the day, gormandizing on street food.

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