And the story goes…for the Biltmore Village Reuben

biltmore village reuben

We ask ourselves…how could a sandwich such as the old classic Reuben be such a thing that it is remembered and regarded by so many folks far and wide? Why is ours so good? What in the world is it that sets this sandwich apart from the rest? Well let me tell you folks…

It all starts with the source of the food! This is something you will find with so many of our offerings. We first source an amazing product. From right here in our home state in the town of Salisbury, NC comes the Frieirich Beef Brisket that we cook in house to yield the amazing corned beef that this sandwich is built around.

We then take the shredded Sauerkraut and stew it with local beers, bay leaves, brown sugar, a touch of cider vinegar and of course a bit of salt to give it that deliciously pungent flavor that elevates the sandwich.

Then comes the sauce which really brings the whole thing together. It’s thousand island, of course, but we make it right here and are sure to give it just the right balance of flavors!

Now, what would a good sandwich be without a delicious vehicle to eat it on? The rye bread is baked fresh in Asheville from our friends at Annie’s Bakery.

Add a couple slice of Swiss cheese and away we go!

Now that we have all of the ingredients, how do we make this classic sandwich such a treat for our guests? As cooks we are truly craftsmen, consistently producing well-made, hand crafted items over and over and over again with the intention of those items possessing the same (or very similar) quality in character and taste. It takes a great deal of patience and diligence to do this and certainly requires an underlying passion for what we do. So…with that said, the Reuben goes on a very hot griddle with a mix of canola oil, olive oil and clarified butter with cheese on both slices of bread, an ample amount of sauce and just gently steamed and thinly sliced corned beef so as to remain tender. Enough sauerkraut is added to balance the flavors and the corned beef is piled thick in the center of the bread to create a taste sensation. The sandwich is cooked on both sides on the griddle until a deep golden brown and crispy texture is yielded in the bread.

Corner Kitchen is proud to be part of Asheville's vibrant food scene and...don't forget that parking is free in the village (and very abundant during dinner service)!

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