Q & A with Local vendor, Dolci di Maria

Corner Kitchen, and Chestnut, partner with many local farmers and vendors. Featuring local products like, jams, honey, mustard, gluten free desserts, meats, milk, cream, cheeses, eggs, hot sauces and so much more is incredibly important to us. Why? Because it stimulates our local economy and it tastes GREAT!

This month we are showcasing Dolci di MariaA message from the Owner, Mary Tantillo and what we buy from her…

1. Give us the “origin story” for your operation

I started experimenting with gluten and dairy free baking some 12 years ago when I found out my son had food allergies.  After about a year, I had come up with some good recipes, and I went to my neighbor chef/ guru Joe Scully for advice.  I tweaked a few things with his help, and soon after decided to turn my creations into a business.  Corner Kitchen began carrying my Pear Fudge Cake and Lemon Bars shortly thereafter.  Now we bake in our own gluten free facility in Black Mountain, NC.

2. What is your list of products (within reason…)

In addition to the Pear Fudge Brownie that is currently on the menu at CK, we make a line of gluten free and vegan cakes that are sold in natural food stores, also brownies and blondies, and biscotti and muffins.  Everything is gluten and dairy free, and most items are vegan.

3. Where is your distribution range? Asheville? Regional?

Our products are sold throughout the SE at Whole Foods and all the way from Michigan to Florida at EarthFare Stores.  A smattering of Ingles and Lowes Foods, as well as a bunch of coffee shops and independent retailers in Asheville and environs who also carry our goodies.

4. Who are the important people in your organization?

We are a tight crew of 4 full-timers plus our weekend “brownie fairies” who package, you guessed it, brownies; plus various local business people such as our bookkeeper Karla, graphic designer Gary, box maker Tommy, and all the label printers.

Heather is our production manager, an AB Tech Pastry School graduate; Catie is our cheerful assistant baker; and good-natured Steve, the newest member of our team, brings a can-do attitude.

5. Any anecdotes about your crew?

We have a giant 160 quart mixer we have painted hot pink, and fondly refer to as Big Mamma.

6. What’s next for you and your company?

We just want to keep making decadent desserts for people who normally can’t eat dessert due to food sensitivities or a vegan lifestyle.  It makes us feel good when our customers are grateful to finally get a bite of a yummy brownie or biscotti after years of not being able to find something good to eat.

Corner Kitchen is proud to be part of Asheville's vibrant food scene and...don't forget that parking is free in the village (and very abundant during dinner service)!

Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project
Asheville Independent Restaurants Association


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