Mustard Grilled Salmon Salad

Mustard Rub
2 T Dry English Mustard
1t Black Pepper
2t Salt
1t Sugar

Mix all in bowl and season Salmon.

2 portions of 4 oz Scottish Salmon skin off
2 T Mustard Rub
1 T Olive Oil

Turn grill on and get it to 400 degrees. Rub the salmon with olive oil and the mustard rub. Place the salmon down on the grill rub side down. Close grill and flip it after a minute and a half. Let cook for another two minutes and pull off and place on the salad and serve.

Fennel & Radish Salad
1 head of Fennel (cut in half and core removed)
2 Pounds Radish (cleaned top and bottoms cut off)
3 large Carrots (peeled)
1 head of Bibb Lettuce
4 T Green Goddess Dressing

On a Japanese Mandoline set it to ⅛ of an inch and shave your Fennel, Radish and Carrots being careful not to get your fingers! Place in a mixing bowl and add your washed Bibb Lettuce. Drizzle your dressing over the shaved vegetables and season with a little salt. Toss and place on a serving tray.

Green Goddess Dressing
1 Pint of Buttermilk
2 T Lusty Monk Mustard (whole grain mustard)
1 Cup Chopped Fennel Frons
3 T Parsley
¼ Cup Lemon Juice
2 Cups Olive Oil
1 Cup Canola Oil
2 T Honey
Salt & Pepper to taste

Place all Ingredients in the blender except for the oil. Turn it on low and then pump it up to high to make sure all the fibers of the Herbs are broken down. Slowly drizzle the oil in a steady stream. It will create an emulsification that should look like thick ranch when you are done. Season to taste.

Puffed Quinoa
½ Cup white quinoa

Place a heavy bottom pan on the range and bring to up to high heat and place the Quinoa in the pan and toss until it stops popping (just like Popcorn).

T = Tablespoon
t = teaspoon

This recipe can be found on our lunch menu during the Spring and Fall. 

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