Humans of Corner Kitchen – Lee Dyer

Meet Lee Dyer, one of Corner Kitchen’s Servers and February’s Humans of the Month.

photo of Lee Dyer, Humans of the month of February

Introducing, Lee Dyer, a Corner Kitchen server of almost 3 years. Originating from the frozen landscapes of northern Michigan, Lee adds a unique charm to the team. Outside of work, Lee rocks the music scene with bands like Aunt Vicki. Read on to learn more about Lee’s love for Boozy French Toast, his recent ventures into software engineering, and more.

How long have you worked at Corner Kitchen?

I started working at Corner Kitchen in the spring of 2021 so It will be three years sometime in May.

What’s your position?

I am the village idiot. Lol just kidding I’m one of the servers. But I am goof material. I thought I would be the weird one on the team, but turns out we all are – in the best way.

Where are you from?

Frigid frozen beautiful northern Michigan, from a tiny little town called Bliss. I’m originally from the U.P. (upper peninsula). Engadine Consolidated (the elementary middle and high school) was all in one building, and I would have had about 15 people in my graduating class. Luckily I moved to the metropolis of Pellston, MI and graduated with 40-60 people instead. Pellston has a sign when you get into town that brags it’s the “Icebox of the nation”.

What’s your sign?

I’m a cancer! Love my hugs and my house and I feel pretty lucky but I never win the lottery.

Are you a dog or cat person?

Dog person but my wife got me brainwashed into believing I’m a cat person. I love all the animals. Even Roy the ant boy who sometimes appears in our kitchen, and Roy the squirrel boy who is currently filling our gutters with nuts. It sounds like we have a drunk Santa clause on our roof sometimes.

What do you like to do for fun?

I play music in a band called Aunt Vicki. Kind of retro rock, my wife and I are both singer songwriters and take turn fronting the band. We also play acoustic folk tunes as a duo called Wife Island. And I love to record in my home studio. Not sure if you’ve heard of the Z Man Experience, but he’s another server here at Corner Kitchen and we’re working on another tune right now actually.

What’s something on your bucket list?

I have a few. I’d like to watch a show at Red Rocks, live in a foreign country, visit the pyramids, and perhaps meet an alien.

What’s your favorite dish here?

This feels like a trick question. Don’t fire me Joe, but I’m in love with the Boozy French Toast! Yea I know the trout is our magic fish, and people love the meatloaf, and we always have great dinner specials, but I think about the boozy sometimes in the middle of the night.

What kind of music do you like?

I love The Beatles. And I don’t care if that dates me. The quirky goofy and wildly creative mix of sounds on every album has had me hooked since I was a kid. I love the variety more than anything, how you’ll hear full band on one song and just acoustic and a tapping noise on the next.

What’s a fun fact about you?

I lived in a camper in New Orleans across the street from a dive bar for a year. In my twenties I ran a small music festival in the woods for about ten years and although it started out as a joke we had almost 400 people show up one year and had bands from around the country. It was wild!

Do you have any long term hopes and dreams?

I just graduated from a software engineering boot camp, and I’m currently meeting locals in town who are interested in coding. It’s been amazing to meet a whole new type of person, and learn a skill I didn’t even know I was interested in until a couple years ago. I’m really hoping to land my first tech job before the robot overlords take them all. But if not it’s been a wild ride and a good challenge.


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