Humans of Corner Kitchen: Grace


Women’s History Month is intended to remind us of the accomplishments of women, but when you work with women like Grace Byrd year-round, you don’t really need the reminder. Grace has been a host throughout our pandemic reopening, which is a heroic achievement in its own right, yet she remains a concrete presence every time you walk in the door. Here’s a few answers to our questions:

What keeps you going despite everything that’s going on in the world?

The chance to make someone smile, to make them laugh, and hopefully for a short time, make them feel like everything is ok. I look for beauty in everything, and seeing the next beautiful thing is something I’m always looking forward to. I’ll be a grandma sometime in October and that seems like the most beautiful thing I’ll ever get to experience.

Is there anything you’re looking forward to doing the most when things settle down again?

I just want to go to a concert. To hear live music and to get lost in the energy of the crowd.

People know you from your spot at the host stand — can you talk a little about what you’re most passionate about outside of work?

I’m an artist. I paint abstract watercolor & ink. I love trees, they’re the subject of most of my paintings. I love feeding my family and friends and love to spend time trying out new flavors and ideas. And of course, I waste a ton of time in Netflix to unwind.

Are you an Asheville native, or alternatively what brought you here?

I’m not a native, I moved here 3 years ago for a few reasons. I was drawn to the artist vibe and the special creative energy of the area. I was drawn to the LGBT+ community. Mostly I needed a place to start over and Asheville seemed perfect.




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