Humans of Corner Kitchen: Chanyah Taylor

It’s time for another Humans of Corner Kitchen! Chanyah joined our staff recently, and has already proven to be a positive influence in the restaurant, smiling whenever you see her. As you’ll see, that attitude comes through in her answers as well:

Is there something you’re looking forward to doing again now that COVID-19 restrictions are a bit more relaxed?

The things I’m looking forward to doing again now that things are relaxed is being me again, traveling even more and enjoying life and also getting back to how things used to be.

People know you from the host stand — can you talk a little about what you’re most passionate about outside of work?

Outside of work I love to have fun! Being around me will make you want to be around me 24/7. I’m most passionate about my singing and being around others who are like me.

Are you an Asheville native, or alternatively what brought you here?

I am originally from South Carolina born and raised. My fiancé and I moved to Asheville which is getting ready to be a year now to get a new start, meet some new people, and start a life of our own. All I can say is things are going great.

Are you a big foodie outside of work? What’s your favorite type of food besides what we make at Corner Kitchen? Any recommendations for must-have kitchen items or must-visit food experiences?

I’m a huge foodie person. I enjoy eating and trying out new places as well. I don’t have any recommendations but my favorite food to eat is seafood (crab legs, oysters, and shrimp) and chicken but mostly seafood.

We’ve been through a tough year – what advice do you have for people now that we seem to be turning a corner? Any mantras or words of wisdom?

Now that things are dying down, I must say live your life to the fullest, COVID or no COVID. You must go out and have fun but also stay safe while you’re at it.

Corner Kitchen is proud to be part of Asheville's vibrant food scene and...don't forget that parking is free in the village (and very abundant during dinner service)!

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