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Meet our December Humans of the month- Allie Fox. Allie has been a front of house server at Corner Kitchen for just about three months now. If you’ve ever had the chance to have Allie wait on you, you’d know her upbeat energy is contagious.

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We had the opportunity to sit down with Allie and learn more about her hobbies, how she got into the service industry, what her hopes and dreams are, and tons more.

What’s your sign?

My birthday is in April and I am a Taurus. I’m a very, very strong-willed Taurus.

Are you a morning or night-time person?

I would like to think I’m a morning person. If I worked a job that was more consistent, I’d probably be a morning person, but I’m not gonna lie. I’m a pretty big night person. I love going out and either if it’s at the house, staying up, you know, watching movies or going out and seeing some friends. I love the nighttime. The stars are beautiful, sunsets are beautiful. I see more sunsets than I do sunrises just because I’m not that big of a morning person. So I think I’m a pretty big night person and I sleep pretty well, so I like the nighttime.

What’s your position at Corner Kitchen?

I’m a server bartender, jack of all trades.

How long have you worked here for?

I have been here two months this past October.

What did you do for work prior to this?

Before this, I helped open up a Tapas restaurant. I worked from home during the pandemic for Thermo Fisher and then I served a wine bar on the estate for a couple years and that was when I moved to Asheville. I also worked at a community college for five years for the state and did a lot of clerical work and admissions there. And that was what I thought my career path was going to go into for school and business, and then I got into Asheville and got into the service industry.

Did you do any schooling?

Yeah, I did some business administration. I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher, so I doubled in the pathway that would take you to be a teacher as well that would kind of double as general ed. And I just haven’t pursued it since the pandemic and everything. It’s like, they’re just awful to teachers. I just like kids, so maybe I’d like to open a preschool one day or something.

Where are you from?

I was born in Florida. We lived in Florida until I was eight years old and then my family moved us up to Franklin, North Carolina, a little town about an hour away from here. So I grew up in Franklin all the way from third grade past high school. And then seven years ago, I moved to Asheville.

Do you like Asheville, NC?

I love Asheville, yeah. It’s close enough to my family and friends, but not too close, you know, kind of that sweet spot where the day trip to go over there is nothing. I love it here. I love the mountains. I love the people here. It’s like a melting pot of super amazing people. When I moved here, I would see the same people at different places, and they’re just so kind and it’s been some of the best years of my life.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Asheville?

I love hiking, I love camping, I love grabbing a glass of wine and some cheese. I would say hiking and walking my dog is my absolute favorite thing. It brings me so much joy.

Does your dog like hiking?

She loves it, she’s such an outdoor dog. She sleeps inside and she comes and goes, she has full access to the house, she’s an inside dog if she wants to be, but she just loves being outside, so she always wants to be outside at the house. She’s like a guard dog too, And she adopted that herself, you know, like running around and checking the house out. She’s really lucky. She has a little over like an acre and a half to run around on. She just had puppies. So we have 11 puppies at the house right now and taking care of them brings me so much joy.

What’s your favorite dish to eat at Corner Kitchen?

I love the French toast for brunch. I love the grits. I’m a basic girl. I’ll get the basic breakfast, you know, almost every day. I love when they make the gnocchi, or when they make their homemade pasta. They had a brown butter gnocchi, but I also love the shrimp and grits. The pumpkin curry is my favorite dish right now, and I like to add my chicken to it.

What would a perfect day look like to you?

A perfect day to me is; I would wake up slowly, get a coffee or a latte and walk the dog. I would get some lunch, maybe meet up with some friends. I wouldn’t do any chores because what kind of perfect day is that? So I wouldn’t do that. Hiking or walking the dog, whichever way I wanted to go with that, grabbing a nice lunch with her, probably drop her back off at the house and see my other animals. I have two cats. Then I’d probably get ready for the evening, meet up with my boyfriend and grab a glass of wine, eat the nice cheese I was talking about. Something super nice and simple, you know, just hanging out somewhere outside or having wine at a sunset hike would probably be the perfect day with some cheese we brought. We’ve done that before. Then going back home and relaxing, watching a movie and snuggling up and hitting the hay. I love going to bed too. It’s amazing. A nice hot shower in there, and maybe getting in a jacuzzi at the end of it. Count me in. It sounds like a really nice day.

Do you have any goals in life?

I want to help make other people happy and just be there for other people. It’s really my goal. I worked at Ingles once when I was 18 years old in Franklin before I moved here and before I got any real job basically. One of my managers, she was so kind to me, she was just like, “you know, Allie, your personality is really sweet. Just never change. You’re going to get older and you’re going to realize this world can be really crappy. please try to hold on to that.” That really stuck with me for years. I just want to live and be happy and treat others how I want to be treated. A really big goal of mine to never lose sight of the good things. So I don’t, you know, I don’t want to be a scientist or anything.

What’s something on your bucket list?

I’ve always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon. I want to get in the hot air balloon and go. I would love to backpack Europe. That would be amazing. I went to Europe over this past summer for the first time and haven’t gotten over it since. Doing the Appalachian Trail would be amazing. Just travel in general. I just want to travel as much as possible, and get in a hot air balloon.



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