Humans of Corner Kitchen (HOCK) – Jason Sweeney

Jason Sweeney, PM Sous Chef

How long have you worked for Corner Kitchen?
About 1 year and 9 months

What is your favorite dish at Corner Kitchen?
The Massaman Shrimp Curry, this dish made me want to work here.

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be?
Traveling is a passion of mine and I’ve had the good fortune to have visited several countries already. On that note it is an absolute dream to be in India during Holi. The festival of colors that celebrates the end of winter and birth of spring.

What life lessons has working in the service industry taught you?
Don’t take anything too seriously and don’t freak out. This job can be hard, nothing will come from getting angry about it.

What has your most memorable experience with a guest been?
We had a small family of 3 eating at our Chef’s table, and the mother had severe allergies to many different things. She asked if something on the menu could be made to fit her needs. We made one of our curry dishes for her. The woman loved it so much and was floored that it met all her dietary needs. She asked for the recipe. So I went and typed her up a copy. She was so grateful. That is always the best part of the job, seeing the satisfaction and joy from the services you provide.

If the President was coming in (past or present) and you could cook them one thing, what would it be?
William Henry Harrison. Due to poor planning of not wearing a coat at his inauguration while it rained and doing a very long speech he died soon after. With the hindsight of time and modern technologies. I would cook him homemade chicken soup, with a side of lots of medicine.

Someone you would love to cook for? What would you cook them?
Cooking for my sister Caitlin would be wonderful. She passed away before I got into cooking, so her tasting anything I can make now would be a real treat.

Anything else you would like to add?
Cooking is a job of passion, the rewards are minuscule compared to the time and effort you put in. For the right people, those small little perks can make the world bright and have you forget the hardships.

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