Corner Kitchen to Close for Election Day to Encourage Voting

ASHEVILLE, NC — Many national chains and regional restaurant groups have been stepping up to help employees vote in this year’s crucial election. Following suit, Westmoreland & Scully has decided to close its two Asheville restaurants — Chestnut and Corner Kitchen — on November 3 to give staff time off to vote.

“We hope to shine a light on making a difference by participating. Even though we have just one vote, it matters. We are closing on Election Day to celebrate the possibilities in our country, state, and region.” – W&S Partner Joe Scully

With issues being voted on such as the economy, raising the minimum wage, and the national response to COVID-19, this election will greatly impact the restaurant industry. That’s why it’s more vital than ever for restaurant workers and the rest of the voting population to exercise their civic responsibilities next month.

By closing both restaurants on Election Day, the partners at Westmoreland & Scully hope to make their industry’s voices heard.

“I was told as a child that one of our responsibilities as Americans is to practice our right to vote—that it was important. We feel it’s important for our staff to be able to get to the polls and not have to decide whether work is more important than voting that day.” – W&S Partner Kevin Westmoreland

Similar to advocacy around COVID-19 regulations, voting rights is a non-partisan issue, which means restaurants everywhere should be speaking out. Westmoreland & Scully hopes this momentum grows right up until Election Day, so that other restaurants in Asheville and beyond consider giving employees the day off. With more than 11 million workers in the restaurant industry, that’s a ton of voting power.

“This year will be busier than most at the polls, so vote early if you can,” Westmoreland expressed. “It’s as important as it was when I was 18, if not more so.”








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