Lavender Chicken


2 ½ lbs.    Chicken (marinated, grilled and fully cooked)

1 each     Red Onion (1/4 moon slice)

¼ bunch     Celery (cut the same shape as the onions)

½  cups     Toasted Pinenuts

2 Tbsp.    Lavender herb mix (see recipe)

2 each    Lemons (filleted and tossed in sugar and salt & pepper)

¾  cups     Apple cider vinegar

½  cups     Olive oil

To taste   Salt & Pepper


Method:  Cut the chicken in fine strips.  Toss with all other ingredients.

Lavender Herb Mix:


¼  cup     Lavender (picked)

¼  cup      Rosemary (picked)

1/8  cup    Thyme (picked)

1/8 cup      Oregano (picked)

1/8 cup      Sage (if available)

¼  cup      Parsley

Method:  Combine and chop all.

Marinade for Lavender Chicken:


1 Tbsp.    Lavender (chopped measure)

1 Tbsp.    Rosemary (chopped)

1 Tbsp.    Garlic (puree)

2Tbsp.    Honey

1 ounce    Lemon Juice

¼  cup     Olive Oil

to taste    Salt & Pepper

Method:  Combine all.

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