Josh and Katie’s Wedding

The problem when both bride and groom are employed at the same restaurant is that, inevitably, some of the staff won’t be able to attend the wedding. I was experimenting with my new camera and decided to share some of my photos for those who want to see a bit of what Josh and Katie’s lovely wedding was like. They were married out at The Farm in Candler, NC, on a perfect golden afternoon on October 16, 2010. Best wishes to the happy couple!                (Note: If you’d like to see a picture more closely, just click on it)

Welcome to The Farm

Kevin signs us in...

Autumn colors prevailed...

The Farm, Candler, NC

Waiting for the wedding to begin

Sweet little girl in front of me, waiting patiently

Her twin sister...

Who let the Cat Burglar in here? (Joe Bly)

Terri Lenhart and Joe Scully

The groom, Josh Weeks

The bride, Katie, with her father.

The Big Moment

Katie and Josh

Cara Frieje, maid of honor

Michalene Talley, the evening's lovely bartender

Waiting for the wedding toasts....

Good beer in an old trough --- classic!

Kevin raises a glass to the golden afternoon

A perfect afternoon for a wedding!

Hand-rolled caramel apples as a thank you - delicious idea!

The gazebo where the ceremony took place

Joe Scully and Kevin Westmoreland, the Corner Kitchen masterminds.

Josh and his mother

"Let's get this party started..."

Rocky observes some of the guests

Michelle and Paulie

Katie and company

I LOVE this picture! This is SO Katie! ha ha

For those who wanted to enjoy the sunset

The dining area opened up to join the sunset

The centerpieces glowed warmly

McRae and Christina helping to make sure the evening went smoothly

The dining area had a wonderful rock fireplace at one end

Looking out at the last of the light

First dance as a married couple

I know it's blurry but I liked the feel of this picture

Katie and her father dance together

little dancers

Amy and Kevin Westmoreland

Time to decorate the car using Hank's artistic talents...

little love goats


Candlelight above the fireplace

The bathroom earned points with me because of the old wooden stirrup as the towel holder!

Best wishes for "Happily Ever After", Josh and Katie!

2 thoughts on “Josh and Katie’s Wedding

  1. Amy!

    You hit the nail on the head!

    These photos are BEAUTIFUL and they really capture the moments. Posting these was the absolute right thing to do. I am so proud of the enriching relationships we continue to developed through the CK!


  2. Thank you soooooo much for these wonderful pictures. These are the 1st we have seen, and we are excited to see more soon.

    Thanks to the Corner Litchen family for your support of Josh & Katie!!

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